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Please check out our NEW Kentucky Designs that we have just uploaded. They are shown already embroidered on shirts but the shirt colors can easily be changed to whatever you would like.

When ordering please specify fawn or brindle and size (if applicable) and cropped (C) or natural (N) ears. Design can face right or left. Single designs will usually be placed on the wearer's left facing pocket. Kennel name may be added to most designs.

All embroideries specifics can can be viewed by clicking on the name. To get further info on new shirt styles and colors please email ellenbradley@boxers.net.


#101 Boxers & Heart

#102 Mom & Pups

#103 Boxers Dig Flowers

#104 Obedience

#105 Boxers & 5 Pawprints

#106 Pouncing Boxers
$13.00 each

#107 Sitting Boxers
$13.00 each

#108 Playful Pups

#109 I Love Boxers Appliqué

#110 The Ultimate
Couch Potato


#111 ABC Logo

#112 Facing Boxer Heads

#113 Single Head
$15.00 each

#114 ABC Heads

#115 Puppy Heads
$16 and $14