about persnickety pooches

Persnickety Pooches specializes in clothing for people who love and enjoy boxers! Unique Boxer embroidery designs embellish our high quality tee shirts, sweats, denim shirts, aprons, vests and more. One of the things that makes Persnickety Pooches embroidered clothing unique is that all of the designs are original, the models being our own boxer family. 'Daisy", for instance inspired the couch potato.

If you want to have a TRULY unique Boxer shirt, we encourage you to design your own. See our page of embroidery designs and go from there.

You could add club or kennel names to as well by writing and adding in the additional $5.00 charge.

Please feel free to contact us by email and we can try and answer all your questions and or help you with your order.